About Us

CCML began its Journey as the Ecumenical Church Loan Fund, the loan dispensing program established in 1979 by the Christian Council of Ghana and ECLOF International. It had as its mission “promoting the use of credit in order to help the organized life of the church in Ghana.” The loan dispensing program was later incorporated as GECLOF, a company limited by guarantee, which later changed its name to ECLOF Ghana. In 2012, ECLOF Ghana was transformed into the limited liability company, CCML. By providing credit facilities to micro entrepreneurs, farmers, small businesses, private schools and churches from as far back as 1979, ECLOF Ghana was the first Microfinance Institution in Ghana. As a pioneer company, ECLOF braved the economic volatility of the 1980s and 1990s and set an example that would be emulated for years to come. Since inception in 1977, our approach to helping develop a truly successful society has been three-pronged;

Five years ago, it became evident that a total shift in strategy was needed. There was a clear need to meet the growing demands of a population brimming with potential with new and fresh ways of doing business. Moreover, there was a need for new and dynamic leadership to refocus strategies toward expansion and growth. The road ahead would be a difficult one - Structures would have to be built, operations streamlined and staff retrained with one aim in mind; delivering this new commercial approach to doing business. All these had to be done sustainably and with a sound risk management approach. We succeeded. Over the last few years, ECLOF Ghana saw a tremendous amount of growth in portfolio, total disbursements and most of all in clientele base, thanks to its reorientation and attentiveness to client needs. The last five years of ECLOF Ghana’s growth left behind lots of lessons which have put CCML in a perfect position to continue its mission and even push further the standards of good client-centered banking.

With the invaluable experience garnered from our long history, CCML is now poised to fully take up the mantle of CCG’s microfinance business. CCML has combined ECLOF Ghana’s tradition of excellence dedicated to providing human development tools for Ghanaians in small communities everywhere, with a dynamic and innovative risk management approach focused on sustainability.


Today’s unique problems call for innovative, trendsetting, and uncommon financial solutions. CCML’s Uncommon People; a balanced mix of dedicated management, experienced board members and well-trained & motivated staff deploy our services, programmes and products with one aim. We seek to introduce our clients to a life of potential and opportunity that goes beyond finance; The Uncommon Life.


To deliver sustainable returns by offering excellent customer centered financial services that support the community


Becoming the leading and preferred financial institution, contributing to the development of the whole nation and beyond


Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Responsibility &Integrity