Uncommon Moni Card

The UCM Moni card is an electronic card issued by a CCML to its customers, unlike the normal bankcards that are meant for just withdrawal at ATMs. CCMLs UCM Moni offers several service channels to our cherished customers which enables a customer to perform transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, obtaining account information and even pay bills. Ghana's Interbank network (GHLink) also allows the use of our cards at ATMs of any financial institution.
The UCM Moni Card can be used for the following:
  • As CCML identification and authentication for transactions on POS.
  • For CCML money transfers to other clients or non clients of CCML.
  • Withdraw money using any GH- linked ATM across Ghana.
  • Transfer money to another card or account.
  • Account enquiries like Check Balances and mini statements.
  • Change PIN in comfort of your home.
  • Purchase mobile airtime top up anywhere.
  • Pay DSTV and GOTV fees easily.
  • Airtime Purchase using phone both for self or others.
  • Using Phone for Account Enquiries.
  • Transfer Funds using phone.
  • Mobile money transactions both withdrawals and deposits
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