Hello Banking

This is banking via our call center or customer service center. All you need to do is to simply dial 02866005000 or 0286-600-7000 to transact your business.
Services offered on our Hello Banking platform

Account Opening:
Receive assistance in opening any account with us. You can also receive guidance as to what type of account to open depending on your needs, lifestyle and financial purpose.

Funds Transfer
You can transfer your funds on our Hello Banking platform. Funds can be transferred as follows:

  • from one account to another account, all accounts owned by same customer
  • from one account by a customer to another account of another customer

Standing Order
You can obtain assistance here in setting up a standing order on any of your account to another.

Loan Application
You can apply for loans simply by accessing our Hello Banking platform. You can also be guided as to details of the process and obtain information on your repayments or top up.

Balance Enquiry
Feel free to check the balances on your accounts and monitor your transactions as well.

Statement Request
You can request for statements of your accounts on this platform.

Withdrawal Book Request
Make requests for your withdrawal booklets on here as well as any withdrawal enquiry.

UCM Card Assistance
Obtain assistance on the usage or operation of your UCM card.

General Enquiries
You can also make general enquiries just about anything be it our products and services or suggestions you want to put across. Dial 0286 600 5000 or 0286 600 7000 now.

Our other banking channels