The Bank In My Palm (BIMP) Product

Bank In My Palm (BIMP) is a comprehensive innovative banking suite to be offered by CCML to its existing and new clients. The BIMP will be accessible on a USSD platform (via a specified short code). This will require a GSM-complaint phone or an android-powered smart phone. BIMP is a self-service hence clients will by themselves activate, initiate, run and complete all processes related to the service.

The integral principle of the BIMP Service is the integration between the mobile wallet and bank account complemented with automatic transfer processing. Albeit the service still being under development, the deliverable of accessing the USSD Platform is completed The service can be accessed by dialing *713*226#

Terms and Conditions
  • Funds will be paid within 72hours after disinvestment has been initiated
  • No bonuses will be paid on funds that are liquidated before the maturity period.
  • The customer forfeits the bonus payment if daily/weekly/monthly payment/s is/are missed for 24hours
  • Withdrawals can be done through mobile money only, unless customer comes to regularize account in any CCML branch
  • Charges on funds transfer through mobile money will be borne by the customer only
  • Any missed payment after 48 hours will result in an automatic disinvestment without any notification to the customer
  • Any partial payment made will be treated as missed a payment
  • All investments are fixed for the tenor instructed. Funds will be automatically rolled over unless instructed otherwise
  • Payment of funds to any of the chosen investment products will be through mobile money always.
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