Bank On The Move

This is banking made possible by Point of Sale devices (POS). Because these devices are mobile, we are on the move and will meet you at your doorstep. We exist to ensure your convienience!

The following services can be accessed via our Banking on the Move platform:

  • Registration of clients at your doorstep
  • Change of UCM card pins
  • Deposit of money into CCML account
  • Funds/Cash transfers from UCM debit card to another UCM debit card.
  • Checking CCML Account balance using UCM debit card
  • Checking of account balance using biometric data
  • Checking of CCML account balance on prepaid eTranzact card
  • Withdrawals from client account using POS with biometric data
  • Withdrawals from client CCML account using POS with client data from UCM debit card
  • Funds transfer to CCML clients with no cards
  • SMS alerts for all transactions

Confirmation of transactions or information requested for all these options when selected are received by SMS on the phone used to make request.


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