Uncommon Banking

Our uncommon banking is based on sound tradition of adhering to our values and principles. We provide non-discriminatory banking by giving fair credit, variety of solutions, hassle free tailor- made services, convenience and care to grow our customers' businesses and improve their lives.

With over 35 years in existence, this is the core of our resolve:

Our Difference:
We believe in being different, in a way that makes a difference in your life
Our Customer:
We believe our customers are our priority partners and must be treated exceptionally well without exception
Our Staff:
We believe in excellence, a proven testimony of our staff's competence
Our Rule:
We believe in being uncommon, as a rule we despise everything mundane and ambiguous
The Offer:
We believe in the multiple shades of you, thus we offer solutions uniquely yours
Our Community:
We believe in life beyond finance, one that seeks 'commu-national' development
Our Guarantee:
We are here for you and will be here till Jesus comes. We are CCML, We are Uncommon!