Uncommon Financial Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all thus we have uncommon financial solutions customized for varying needs and just right for you! With CCML, you have an uncommon advantage with our products and services.


- Right Accounts, Right Amount at the Right Time

We need money for different purposes in the present; we also need to grow our money for the future. This balancing act is a dilemma for many. The ability to make optimal choices depends on experience, expertise and ethics. These are our traits at CCML so we are able to give you the right accounts with the right amounts at the right time to give you the optimal solution for your unique situation.

Our Uncommon Advantage

35 years of working within the Ghanaian financial sector with a Swiss tradition makes us trustworthy and reliable to manage your finances.


Make most of your money and circumstances with our savings policies such as Pay As You Use (pay for only services used) and Personal Financial Advisory Services.


Well qualified and caring staff at your call to manage your accounts. We have savings accounts for individuals, businesses and special purposes.


Categories of Savings Accounts

Safe and secure accounts for your day to day monies. They are flexible in terms of deposits and withdrawals but with no interest and fees or charges. They include Masetenapa, Semenhyia and the ‘regulars’ (I,R,S, M, E- Regular accounts)


Safe and secure place for your emergency and unforeseen needs. They are flexible in terms of deposits, interest bearing but have limited withdrawals. They include Medaakyepaa and the ‘reserves’ (I,R,S,M,E – Reserve accounts)


Safe and secure accounts for specific purposes. However, since they are goal oriented, there is no withdrawal which is compensated with high interest rate. They include Me Botae and Big Dream.



- Right Pricing, Right Rates at the Right Time

When in need of a loan you always to be sure you are getting it from the right place and at a reasonable cost. At CCML, we ensure you get that and more: Right pricing with Right rates plus added feature of cash back.

Our Uncommon Advantage

Gain from our culture of saving while making repayments on loans; withdraw or use the savings as guarantee for other loans. This is our Pay As You Use policy.


Graduate from one loan facility to another by completing loan repayments to access bigger loan amounts at much reduced rates.


With our FUN (No Upfront Fees) policy on our loans, you are good to Go have fun with excess funds! We have loans for: individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, schools, churches, small businesses and private health institutions.


Types of Loans

Cash loans for personal, business and institutional use. They are mostly unsecured and have competitive pricing to cover the cover the exposure. They include working capital loans, personal loans and business loans.


These are loans to finance the purchase of assets or the completion of projects. They include Asset Financing Loans, Project Completion Loans and Vehicle Financing Loans.



- Right Purpose, Right Returns at the Right Time

We believe that investments are key to financial stability in life and that everyone should have an investment policy no matter how much money you have. For every investment you make, time is of the essence and because we know the time value of money we have investment products for different time span- right investment for the right purpose at the right time.

Our Uncommon Advantage

We work closely with you to ensure that we manage risks to the lowest by investing in our 4 portfolios of Micro, Consumer, Institutional and Small Business all over the entity.


We guarantee more when it comes to yield because of the expertise of our management and board. You can trust us to be here till Jesus comes!


We allow you to be ‘mobile’ with your funds and that is flexibility. We help you invest for whatever time you can afford and as well allow you to access funds at any time, anyday and anywhere. We have investment products for the purpose of Home ownership, Education, Pension, Business Emergencies and Specific Projects.


Types of Investments

Offer you high yield above government securities and liquidity on demand. Tenures range from 1 month to 12 months with opportunity of liquidating at any time. These include: CCML Fixed Deposit Account (Flexisaver), Shishiishi and Call Deposit Account.


Offer you guaranteed growth of your money; high security and liquidity for your money. The tenure of investments is up to 2 years. They include Money Fixed Income Fund (MFIF) and Money Growth Accelerator Fund (MGAF).


Offer very attractive quarterly bonus equal to monthly contributions. These investments are categorized according to their intended purposes. The tenure of investments is 5 years. They include Penvest, Eduvest, Dream Homevest and Medivest


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