Our brand


Uncommon stands for different, unique and exceptional

Uncomon Color

Our colours relay our brand identity. Orange, Green and Grey. Orange represents Our People, Green for Our Service and Grey for Our products.

Uncomon Strategy

CCML's brand strategy is modeled into: Different People, Unique Products and Exceptional Products.

Different People: our people are a rare kind of professionals equipped to produce on impulse. We are pro-active, productive and peculiar. We believe our origin is not ordinary and that we of a special species. Therefore built in our make-up is our innovative character and compelling customer service.

Unique Products: our products are uniquely designed solutions. These solutions are affordable, tailor-made and perfect-fit for variety. Our products holistically are to make a difference in the life our clients. This we ensure from the onset of our processes of product access with our principle of transparency.

Exceptional Services: our services are ensured hassle free, fast, reliable and convenient. Our exceptional services are enforced by policies such as community doorstep banking and client development.

Uncommon Values

We are honest, trustworthy and reliable; doing that which is right and we have a proven character worthy of mention.

We are creative; unique with ideas, out of the box with our thinking and focused on providing solutions.

We are driven to be profitable, thus ensuring we protect shareholders trust by our hard work.

We are uncommon, hence our affinity for all that surpass good or the ordinary. We are motivated by and operate with high standards.

Social Responsibility:
We are about impacting lives for the greater good of society hence our social performance policy and corporate social responsibility on community development.

Uncommon Pledge

With over 35 years in existence, this is the core of our resolve:

Our Difference
We believe in being different, in a way that makes a difference in your life
Our Customer
We believe our customers are our priority partners and must be treated exceptionally well without exception
Our Staff
We believe in excellence, a proven testimony of our staff's competence
Our Rule
We believe in being uncommon, as a rule we despise everything mundane and ambiguous
The Offer
We believe in the multiple shades of you, thus we offer solutions uniquely yours
Our Community
We believe in life beyond finance, one that seeks 'commu-national' development
Our Guarantee
We are here for you and will be here till Jesus comes. We are CCML, We are Uncommon!